Do you know about Raw Diet?

“Written By / Weng Shu Chen (MJ Nutrition Tutor)”

‘Eating’ is part and parcel of our daily life.

Hence, what to Eat and how to Eat would be a very essential topic to learn.

Recent decades of economic development has caused new diet cultures to arise, notably ‘refined diet’. However, such eating culture has led to a spike in the cases of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, CVD, cancer and abnormal diseases annually. In light of this, different types of diets have evolved with each serve for different purposes such as health-promoting and immunity boosting. Recently, there has been a trend of Raw Diet too.

Basically, Raw Diet is one of the diets which make food choice based on personal health condition and lifestyle. When health problems arise, do seek for medical treatment immediately and practice a balanced diet as a supplementary method to counter the illness. Hence, regardless you are practicing Raw Diet or not, we would like to provide you some basic concept of this diet as a reference to enhance your health.

People usually perceive Raw Diet as the way to health, thus overlooking the importance of balanced diet. This perception is detrimental to their health and has caused them to be malnourished. Hence, Raw Diet should be practiced in moderate way in order to achieve its optimal effect.
A balanced diet for an adult should include 1-3 cups of dairy products, 3-6 bowls of whole grain and tubers, 4 servings of protein (meat, poultry, fish, egg, beans), 3 plates of vegetables, 2 servings of fruits and 2-3 tbsp of oil to fulfill our body requirements of the 40 types of nutrients (remember to abide to the four principles which are less oil, less salt, less sugar and high fiber while cooking). In overall, Raw Diet should be practiced with balanced diet to achieve optimal health.

Relationship between Raw Diet and Organic Diet

Raw Diet emphasizes eating habit which avoids taking processed and contaminated food (for instance food processed with chemical additives, preservatives and refining steps), switching to the diet of fresh food to enable our body to fully absorb nutrients. On the other hand, Organic Diet emphasizes the use of produces which are cultivated without chemical fertilizer, pesticide and insecticide and the production of the food ingredients should preserve its natural state to the fullest. Therefore, nutrition experts normally would recommend the utilization of organic produce as the food sources as a complementary part to achieve Raw Diet.
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