For whom it may concerns,

MJ Health Management Center hereby declares that:

In this long holiday of Chinese New Year 2020, MJ Health Management Center is closed on January 24 (Fri) and will resume operation on January 31 (Fri) . Therefore, MJ Health Management Center has not discovered any suspicious case on coronavirus. Confirmed cases of patients with coronavirus have never visited the MJ Health Management Center in Forest City.

In order to maintain a safe and nearly virus-free environment, MJ Health Management Center has routinely carry out thorough disinfection in the center, at least once a week since its opening in 2017.

Since the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia in China, MJ has increased the level of epidemic prevention and alertness. All persons entering MJ Centers are required to declare their health status.

If any case of cough, fever and other related symptoms is discovered, the patient or staff is required to wear a mask, gone through the disinfection procedure, For those suspected cases, MJ will refer them to Hospital Permai for further examination and confirmation in order to prevent any new Corona virus cases and protect every member and medical staff of MJ Health Center. MJ Health Center guarantees that we will strictly follow the procedures set by the World Health Organization and to take more effective measures in order to reduce the risks down to lowest level.

Prevention is better than treatment. People from all walks of life are advised to wash their hands to maintain personal hygiene and avoid going to crowded places. You are advised to wear a mask when travel out from your house. If you find any symptoms of pneumonia, please seek medical advice and help immediately.

Here at MJ, we wish every family in the world and Hubei Province that are suffering from the epidemic, will stay away from the new Coronavirus, and recover as soon as possible.

Wish everyone,

Live longer, stay healthier, and age gracefully


Best regards,

Tee Swee Guan

Managing Director

MJ Group, Malaysia