It was a very good experience. The services provided by the doctor and nutritionist were professional and attentive. They helped improve my body and guided me towards a healthier direction.


Feeling better! I feel more energetic, and my weight has also decreased.

On October 20, 2023, during my health screening in MJ, I discovered issues with my fatty liver and cholesterol. Following the advice of Dr. Tong and Hana, I underwent treatments for fatty liver and cholesterol. After approximately one month, my follow-up reports showed significant improvement in both liver function and cholesterol levels. 

I am very happy and thankful for the excellent treatment that has allowed my body to regain a healthy state. Additionally, the services provided by the doctors, nurses, and nutritionists were outstanding. They were all very attentive, and I highly recommend their services.

 After infusion, my body not so tired and feel more energy compare before treatment. Nutritionist here very friendly & helpful. Explain also very clear and understand. Overall, services MJ is good & I will intro my friend to come over. 



After the second round of treatment, the itching in my body has reduced by  50%. However, I still experience occasional bouts of fever.