Disease prediction module and ideal value

Disease prediction module

Through 30 years of data collection, and then research and analysis by researchers, MJ successfully researched the disease prediction module which can predict the risk of the customer suffering from 8 major diseases in the next five years and accurate to the decimal place, and at the same time, MJ also provides a countermeasure for customers to avoid the risk of developing these diseases through conditioning.

Microphysiological evaluation and ideal value

30 years of data storage, MJ successfully analyze what is the best physical state in 2011. Replacing traditional medical diseases [reference values] with more rigorous [ideal values], raising standards to assess health quality, and transforming health check data into motivation to change lifestyle habits and promote health. MJ customers change their unhealthy living habits, find problems early prevention and treatment before the body function is unbalanced, and the disease has not yet formed, and realize the ideal realm of LIVE LONG, LIVE WELL, STAY YOUNG.