Comprehensive Health Screening

MJ, a health care management platform to improve quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles for our clients.

MJ Health Comprehensive Health Screening Items

Micro Physiological Assessment (MPA)

MPA mainly observes changes in the body’s basic functionality and uses a more ideal health data as reference values. Compared with the screening and disease information of regular health check-ups, MPA is based on the concept of “Early Detection”, analysing the causes of discomfort, with the intend to provide solutions and further health management. MPA mainly evaluates the three major functions of the body, metabolism system, immune system and endocrine system.

General Screening

Image Screening

Cardiovascular Tests

Gynecological Examination

Specialist Examination

Health Management Consultation

In order to achieve better health management, our health management consultants will provide suggestions on lifestyle & dietary modification, nutritional supplementation adjustment, personalised exercise techniques, based on the screening results.

Physician Conclusion

Doctor to reviews the reports and provide professional advise on the same day.