Health Management

Health Management:
Diseases do not happen overnight

Micro Physiological Assessment allows us to realise how far are we from our ideal healthy state?

Micro Physiological Assessment mainly observes changes in the body’s basic functionality and uses a more ideal health data as reference values. Compared with the screening and disease information of regular health check-ups, Micro Physiological Assessment is based on the concept of “Early Detection”, analysing the causes of discomfort, with the intend to provide solutions and further health management. Micro Physiological Assessment mainly evaluates the three major functions of the body, metabolism system, immune system and endocrine system.

What is "The Key of Optimal Health"?

The key of Optimal Health is to find out the source of health problems. MJ believes that in order to be healthy, we should target the root causes of the disease from the perspective of preventive medicine. Therefore, we developed the “Early Detection, Early Prevention” Micro Physiological Assessment. According to the 2.7 million health check data of MJ’s database, it was found that when common physical problems or discomforts such as obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, fatigue, chronic pain, memory loss, menstrual discomfort, sleep disorders, depression, constipation, etc. happened, it is a sign of the body’s basic functions are out of balance, causing micro physiological changes. If ignored, pathological changes will begin to happen in theses organ tissues. In fact, disease is like the tip of an iceberg that you can see rising out from the water. What is more important, is the bottom of the iceberg which is the root cause of the disease. At present, the breakthrough development of Western medicine in diagnosis and treatment mainly target the disease, and indeed the lives of countless patients have been saved. However, MJ believes that in order to be healthy, we should be one step ahead, which is to act from the perspective of preventive medicine, finding out the micro physiological changes to solve the root causes of disease formation at the bottom of the iceberg.