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Since 2007, MJ Health provide a range of comprehensive health management solution to help you in your pursuit of a higher quality of life and healthier lifestyle to “Live Long, Live Well and Stay Young”

About MJ Health Screening Centre


The 1st MJ Health Screening Centre Malaysia incorporated in Dec 2007. MJ provide comprehensive health screening programs, which aim to create awareness of preventive is better than cure health concept to the MJ clients and pursues a balance between physical and mental health with enhancement in healthy lifestyle for all mankind.

Our mission is to provide healthy living for people starting from every family and striving for total quality living and enjoying happy and healthy family lifestyle for all.

MJ healthcare  management platform comprises three main areas of “ Screening “ , “Evaluation “ , and “ Health Management”, and broken down into eight phases including screening, monitoring, analysing, evaluating, predicting, alerting, making interventions, and following-up to provide health conscious people with the tools they need to manage health and prevent disease.

MJ’s Philosophy: Live Long, Live Well, and Stay Young
For MJ, health is not just about not getting sick or getting sick less often. MJ wants to use its diverse health management strategies to help people “live long, live well, and stay young” and live more active and meaningful lives!

MJ’s Core Service: The MJ’s AMHTS System
MJ’s AMHTS System, characterized as “High Efficiency, High Quantity, High Quality, Low Lost”,” has been providing MJ clients with quality preventive health services that are safe, comfortable, independent, private, and convenient. With the humanized and highly efficient “computerized cross-scheduling function,” MJ’s AMHTS System allows a subject to complete over a hundred of examinations and reports within four hours. MJ is indeed a worldwide pioneer in the field of health management.

In additional, MJ HSC also offer personalized health management consultation, aesthetic services, regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy & immunotheraphy to create total health management platform accessible to ten million people.

Speech of MJ MD Mr. Mike Tee
MJ Malaysia Managing Director
Mr. Mike Tee Swee Guan

MJ has been in business for 32 years since established in year 1988. Its development can be divided into 3 stages.

When MJ was just founded, it takes “Preventive Medicine” as its responsibility. It serves the public with the ” AMHTS completes comprehensive health screening within four hours”, we focus on providing customers with a centre for annual routine health management.

MJ started to develop its business in the 2nd 10 years and has expanded to 35 cities in Asia.

However, with the improvement of health concept, we notice that disease does not form overnight. As the living habits and environment changed, the basic function of our body gradually become unbalanced, resulting in minor problems such as allergies, insomnia, obesity, chronic fatigue and so on. These are the alarm sent by our body. Because of this, MJ has invested in the research of “Functional Medicine” through its huge databank of more than 2.7 million health examination entries accumulated over the past 30 years. The indicators for the best physical condition of Asians have been developed- [Optimum Range] is standard and launched the exclusive MJ [Micro Physiological Assessment]. According to the test results, MJ’s customers are provided with a full range of health improving programs including personalized exercise, diet , living habits and health care products, so that customers can continue to maintain their best state of their body and stay away from minor problems to achieve the goal of “early detection, early prevention”. At the same time, we plan to construct a health management platform accessible to over ten million people and fulfil the corporate mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and a higher quality of life.
MJ is currently entered the 4th 10 years. With the rapid development of Medical science and technology, vigorous health improvement treatment interventions are indispensable. In recent years, MJ has invested in the newly developing “Regeneration Medicine”, using advance cell anti-aging therapy to reverse the aging process and enable the aging body to retrieve their youth and health from inside to outside. MJ has gradually expanded from “Prevention Medicine”, “Functional Medicine” to “Cell Regeneration Medicine”, has become the unique health management medicine industry chain in the world.

MJ has only one mission, that is to provide professional and personalized health management solutions to help every customer to stay youthful, healthy and happy based on MJ’s health management database with affordable price.

In the future, I will lead all my colleague in MJ Malaysia to strengthen and develop the core goal of MJ continuously, promote the importance of Precaution Medicine and health management, help all mankind to achieve the ideal state of “live long, live well, stay young”.

Mr. Mike Tee Swee Guan
MJ Malaysia Managing Director

Speech of Operations Director
MJ Malaysia Operations Director
Ms Helen Goh Siew Hui

Hello, I’m here to share why are important for us to do Preventive Health Screening.

Today hectic life style and unhealthy eating habits adversely affecting the health of people, especially to those living in stress, busy corporate life in metro cities.

So, what are we trying to prevent?

All of you must have heard of NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases). NCDs are diseases that is not transmissible directly from one person to another, but are the result of unhealthy life style. These are the major concern nowadays and affecting younger and younger population.

NCDs includes Diabetes, Hypertension, High cholesterol, Chronic kidney disease, Coronary heart disease, stroke, Osteoarthritis, most cancers and others. With a periodic health screening, it is possible to detect it at initial stage before disease is manifest, if diagnose late, it may lead to major complications and higher medical costs. To avoid such critical condition, it is advisable to go for a periodic preventive health screening.

Recent statistic from Health Ministry say that Malaysia has the highest rate of Diabetes in Asia, almost 1 in 5 Malaysian adults has Diabetes. According to NADI (National Diabetes Institute) records, statistic suggest that almost half of Malaysians do not know they have Diabetes.

Preventive health screening will help you to understand the current condition of your body, identify your health risk factors before disease manifest in order for you to know what are the approach should be done to prevent disease or fewer the complications.

Preventive Health Screening also help in early detection of some preventable cancers like breast cancer or cervical cancer, so it could be treated early. Early intensive treatment gives better outcomes with reduce mortality and morbidity.

In MJ Health Screening center, we provide various predesigned clinical tests. This includes details study of vital organs, system of your body, example FBC, liver, kidney function, lipid profile, sugar test, Urine tests, Ultrasound examination, X-Rays, Bone DEXA scan, Ear, Nose, Throat Examination, eyes examination and etc. to assess your health condition. Our professional Health Management Consultant will assess, identify and monitor your health risk factors, develop your health goals to help you understand the changes you have to make in your current life style and through diet modification to have healthy and disease-free body.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to embark on the journey towards quality living, enjoying happy and healthy lifestyle.

Wish you good health and happiness

Ms Helen Goh Siew Hui
MJ Malaysia Operations Director

MJ Health Screening Features

Accredited Quality Service

MJ was awarded by Royal College Pathologists of Australasia ( RCPA) since year 2008.

AMHTS to provide efficient service

MJ automated health screening system (AMHTS) provides health screening through an advanced computerised system with full automated synchronise process, which can complete a health screening covering more than 110 items and report ready within 4 hours.

No Cross infections

All equipment and facilities are separated from diagnostic stream and are not shared with patients, thereby avoiding the chance of cross infections.

Affordable Price

MJ provides you the most affordable price of health screening covering over 110 items

MJ Health Data Cloud

The world’s only health management database for Asians with > 2.7millions data,to create customised health solutions for you.

Modern and stylish environment

MJ specially designed to create a restful and relaxing atmosphere for our health screening clients.

Personalized e-Health Website

Clients to access and view their screening report online, anytime and anywhere.

Personalized Management

Personalized Health Management & Improvement Plan by Health Management Consultation.

Private and Confidential

All the health screening information will be strictly private and confidential, will not revealed or accessed by third party.


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