MJ Health Data Cloud

In this era of Big Data, we disrupt the tradition and at the same time collect data in three steps:

Data pre-processing, including classification and sorting

Data analysis to extract valuable information

Data storage

Global Medical Challenges

Global medical expenditure in year 2017-2021 is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1% per year, while the growth rate in year 2012-2016 was only 1.3%. In particular, the incidence of chronic diseases increased year by year. Environmental pollution, food diet and lifestyle factors have aggravated the rising trend of chronic diseases, especially cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

In March 2019, Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said that there are currently approximately 3.6 million people with diabetes in Malaysia, which is about 17.5%. It is expected that, the number of diabetic patients over the age of 18 will increase to 31.3% in Year 2025, which means one in three people will have diabetes. Diseases associated with diabetes are horrifying and most people try to keep away from them. These include high blood pressure, high blood lipid, obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and kidney disease etc. In the future, chronic diseases will plague most families in terms of both economy and mental wise.

Diseases do not happen overnight; MJ will be there to reverse them with you

As a pioneer in the world’s preventive medicine area, MJ provides customised health improvement solutions for everyone. By using health screening reports, health questionnaires and Big Data to conduct cross analysis, MJ accurately assesses your body’s physical condition, and analyses to provide specific health improvement solutions for you.

The advantages of MJ Health Data Cloud

The world’s only health management database for Asians

As a company with 30 years of history, MJ has collected more than 2.7 million sets of data. These data obtained not only span across different age groups, but also include tracking data of long-term health management. The width and depth of these data are beyond the reach of any ordinary data.

Asia’s one and only medical research resources in Cloud

MJ’s data mainly focus on Asians. It is a breakthrough especially most medical studies focus on Caucasians. At the same time, it covers mostly data of healthy Asians (only a small number of patients’ data), which improves the authenticity of the research data. Data is regularly uploaded to the Cloud and is not filtered by automated error detection mechanism. This is to ensure the most comprehensive and rich medical research resources.

MJ’s exclusive comprehensive health improvement solution

Combines 134 test indicators with 100 health questionnaires, compares and cross-analyses with huge databases to create customised health solutions. Health Management Promotion Report with Health Evaluation, Morbidity Prediction, Health Management Instruction, MJ Health database analysis, predicts disease risk with precision and accuracy and prevention starts from now.

Promoting a new era in the medical field

Research collaborations with several academic institutions including China’s Beijing University, England’s Leeds University of UK, United States of America’s University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre, and Hong Kong’s Chinese University to promote personalized preventive medicine and innovative medicine. Relevant research outputs have been published in many internationally renowned medical journals, such as Lancet, JNCI , and JAMA, BMJ.